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Emergency Services Uganda (ESU)


In Uganda today, thousands of people die every year because they don't have access to quick response during emergency situations. It’s for that reason that in 2016, Emergency Services Uganda was founded.

What is Emergency Services Uganda (ESU)?

ESU is a network of emergency first responders. It provides the nearest emergency service responders to the community. We provide free medical emergency services to the needy through donations. For every $43 (165,000Ugx) you give, you save a life and for every medical emergency relief mission we carry out, we use/activate the surname of one of the contributors/donors. An example is if John Zhulu contributed $86, two "Zhulu's Medical Emergency Outreach" missions are carried out and they are documented from start to finish and the mission info is emailed to Mr. Zhulu. This is for accountability purposes and also signifies your impact to the outreach.

Our vision is to enable each person get free medical emergency respose once we can afford the operational costs but for now we require all those that are not in the "needy" category to pay for the services. You get full access to ambulances (medical emergencies), Private Security (Security emergencies), Fire Trucks (Fire Emergencies) and Road Side Assistance (Tow trucks, Tyre Burst repair and battery jump starting) at a fee.

As long as you’re on the program, you don’t have to have money on you in order to request for help. You can pay for the services offered within a period of 24 hours (ambulance, tow truck etc) after you or your loved one(s) have received the service and are out of danger.

Your payment can also be covered by your insurer/group/ work place.

When a user registers and is approved, they are given access to the emergency services app and stickers for their cars and homes. These stickers have their user identification number, and toll free numbers to be used during emergency situations.

What Emergencies are covered?

Medical – Standby ambulances (5 to 15minutes response time), Planned hospital transfers.
Road Side Assistance – Tow trucks, Tyre bursts and battery jump starting.
Private Security – Home backup/response in case of home intrusion, Private Security escorts in case of suspected security threat.
Fire – In case of fire outbreaks at home or offices or if you own a building that you would like covered in case of fire outbreaks.

What are our areas of operation?

We are currently covering the 5 divisions of kampala i.e. Kampala Central Division, Kawempe Division, Lubaga Division, Makindye Division, Nakawa Division and also emergencies within a radius of 15km from Kampala city centre.
We shall then expand to other districts in a systematic manner.

  Services (24/7) Radius from city centre Amount (shs.)
1 Ambulances "FREE" for the needy.    
    40km 165,000/-
2 Road Side Assistance    
  (i) Tyre Bursts/Jump starting 10km 20,000/-
    12km 25,000/-
    14km 30,000/-
    16km 35,000/-
  (ii) Tow Trucks    
    10km 100,000/-
    12km 120,000/-
    14km 140,000/-
    16km 160,000/-
3 Private Security (Home Intrusion armed Response/Backup)    
    10km 100,000/-
    12km 120,000/-
    14km 140,000/-
    16km 160,000/-
4 Fire (not yet available)